the ladder, our massive 2nd project


We’re making a video series to document our build process on The Ladder. Obviously, we’re not giving away any puzzles or story twists, but if you’re particularly spoiler-adverse, you may want to click elsewhere.

(Might we suggest this video of Shrek running in a dog show?)

Title Only - gold.png

the ladder is not your grandmother’s escape room.

(Okay, technically, there were no escape rooms in your grandmother’s time, but you’re smart enough to understand we’re trying to make a point about innovation and creativity vis-a-vis escape room design, and frankly, if you need this explanation, you really have no business playing escape rooms in the first place.)

Now where were we? Oh right. THE LADDER. Our newest room tells the story of your 50-year career at a vitamin company called Nutricorp—an organization with a couple of dark secrets to hide. Get ready for a 75-90 minute immersive experience like nothing you’ve ever experienced. 2,000 square feet. 5 playable avatars. 7 separate rooms. And nearly a dozen different endings. That’s right—this game is designed to blow your mind not one time, not two times, but just about as many times as you care to play it.

“But how?” you ask, stomach clenched in anticipation, eyes already filling with tears of joy.

THE LADDER is a branching story where your choices and performance determine the outcome. Each individual space within The Ladder is comprised of two discrete tracks. One involves scored game-puzzle hybrids, where you’ll try to rack up as many points as possible. The other is made up of traditional escape room puzzles, only with the difficulty cranked up to 11. These puzzles are completely optional (and completely hint-less), and only the most experienced players will have any hope of solving them on the first playthrough. Solve all of them, however, and you’ll gain access to new parts of the story—and an entire bonus room.

The story you experience is based on your score, whether you solved the puzzles, and the various decisions you make over the course of the game. Are you a white hat or a black hat? Are you a savvy CEO or a bumbling middle manager? Did you ever figure out what was in that mysterious pneumatic capsule? Well, you know what they say: if at first you don’t succeed, you probably don’t have what it takes, and should give up for good.

Or maybe you should try again…

Coming soon…ish.


  • Design, Build, and Puzzles: Terry Pettigrew- Rolapp

  • Concept, Story, and Script: Tommy Wallach

  • Music: Giulio Carmassi

  • Lead Builder: Jarod Hamilton

  • Build and Maintenance: Agust Velazquez

  • Hardware and Software: Peter Helstrom

  • Graphics: Will Kommor

  • Support: Jennifer-Lynn Christie and Ricky Rodriguez