Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an escape room, anyway?

At least insofar as we do it at Hatch, an escape room is an interactive narrative experience in which a team of players attempts to solve a series of puzzles and mysteries in order to accomplish some clear end goal.

You seem to be implying your rooms are “different” at Hatch? Is that true, or are you just being pretentious?

We believe that escape rooms are a new art form just beginning to blossom. Though there are lots of great rooms all over the country, we do hope to take the form to a new level, particularly as regards story. All our rooms will have a clear narrative arc, and won’t just involve solving puzzles for the sake of solving puzzles.

Hold up. Why is it called an escape room if you aren’t always escaping from a room?

Great question! The first escape rooms were simple computer games in which you did, in fact, try to escape from a single room. But as the phenomenon has transitioned from the digital to the physical space, it’s grown a lot more interesting. There are rooms where you need to save a magical kingdom, or cure a zombie plague, or prevent a nuclear war. Our current room does involve a literal escape, but it takes place in many rooms. So I guess it’s an escape rooms?

So tell me about your escape room, “Lab Rat.”

That isn’t a question.

Good point. What’s the deal with your “Lab Rat” room?

Well, we don’t want to give too much away, but you know how there are laboratories out there where scientific experiments are performed on rats?

Sure. I think they’re morally reprehensible.

We understand that perspective. Here’s a link to support PETA, if you're feeling generous. But that’s sorta irrelevant. “Lab Rat” takes place in a laboratory where giant rats are doing experiments on humans (i.e. the players). As part of a rat grad student’s dissertation on human intelligence, you are tasked with completing a series of tests. But maybe you can do more than complete the tests. Maybe…just maybe…there’s a way you can escape. (SPOILER ALERT: There totally is.)

That sounds scary. I worry this will scare my kids. Okay, to be honest, I don’t have kids. But I’m worried it will scare me. Will it?

Probably not. The scenario is mostly played for laughs. That said, there's a jump scare or two, and a couple of sorta creepy rooms. It's not particularly intense, but we want you to be prepared. Honestly, you could bring a baby to “Lab Rat” if you really wanted to. But I wouldn’t, because babies are terrible at solving puzzles.

What if I like being terrified?

Then I suggest you watch “A Nightmare on Elm Street” before you come to our room. Or think about climate change.

Can I really bring a baby?

Sure. But minimum age for actual players (i.e. people not being carried by other people) is 8, and anybody under 13 needs to come equipped with an adult. We don't want them getting their sticky hands on everything.

I’m claustrophobic. Am I really locked inside your room for the whole hour?

No. You can get out at any time. But you won’t want to, because of all the fun you’ll be having.

Does every group get the room to itself, or will we be placed with strangers?

You always get the room to yourselves, you lucky devils.

Can I get hints?

Absolutely. You can ask for as many hints as you want. That said, nothing beats the satisfaction of solving a room without any help. Except the satisfaction you get from popping bubble wrap. That wins, hands down.

Yeah, but really: if you need hints, ask for hints. You’re coming to have fun, not to pass the LSAT

Does Hatch serve food or alcohol? I’d sure love to get my drank on.

We do not. Also, we reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone who arrives plastered, smashed, sozzled, or soused. Throw up somewhere else, ya lush.

Do I need to speak English to solve your puzzles?

You will probably want to have at least a couple of people in your party who are fluent in English. If none of you speak English, you’ll have trouble. Then again, you’ll also probably have trouble reading this FAQ. Hola! Bonjour! 여보세요

How early should I arrive?

We need some time to check you in and show you the ropes, so please arrive no less than 15 MINUTES before your official start time. If we end up starting late, we’re gonna take it out of your hour, because we are cruel and heartless masters.

Is there parking at Hatch?

No. But there's lots of street parking. And who drives a car anymore? Just take a Lyft. (Not an Uber. We still don't trust those guys.)

How many people do we need to solve a room?

Groups of two occasionally succeed. Groups of eight occasionally fail. In general, the more people you have, the easier it’ll be. Like cooking an elaborate meal. Or making love.

What if I have to cancel?

Cancelling up to 72 hours before your start time is all good. From 24-72 hours, we’re keeping half your money. Within 24 hours, we’re keeping all your money, turning it into pennies, and swimming around in it. (But seriously, there are no refunds within 24 hours of your start time.)

So who are you Hatch guys anyway?

We’re a bunch of escape room enthusiasts, designers, marketers, tinkerers, and writers. You can read more about us on the "About" page of this here website.

Are you planning on opening more rooms?

Indeed we are. One day, we hope to fill the entire building at 1919 3rd Avenue with escape rooms. That's six floors of escape rooms, yo. Hot diggity.