Hi. We’re HATCH ESCAPES. We do escape rooms a little differently. 

Why escape from a room when you can escape into one? At Hatch, we believe escape rooms are an art. That's why our rooms are built by professional artists and scripted by a New York Times bestselling author. Our very first adventure, "Lab Rat," is now open for bookings.


Glorious, Delicious, Completely Unmitigated Praise for "Lab Rat":

"How grand, genius and silly this escape room was...It felt like very inch of this immersive escape room was used one way or another...it was a 5+/5 room and I have never given a 5+ rating." - GTFO.blog

"Did it tonight, such a great room. It’s incredibly immersive and satisfying. You can tell they put a lot of thought into creating it...easily makes my top 3 favorite rooms!" - Kaho A, Facebook Review

"Lab Rat was room 207 for me, and probably the best I've ever played. Certainly the best room in Los Angeles. Beautifully designed, creative puzzles, and even a story that will make you laugh as it carries you through the hour long escape." - Elan L, Yelp

"Lab Rat (my 122nd room): Got to beta test this room and OMG this room has made it in my top 3 favorites ever...The future of escape rooms is happening and the genius minds who have created this work of art have exceeded expectations and challenged limits. I thought I have seen everything, but apparently not." - Sheryl B, Yelp

"I don't know what all those people are talking about. 'Lab Rat' is not an escape room. It's the place I carry out my research into human intelligence. And I wish people would stop escaping from it." - Timothy Ratkenstein, Ph.D. Candidate and Proprietor of Testing Facility