Hi. We’re Hatch Escapes.

We do escape rooms a little differently. 

Why escape from a room when you can escape into one? At Hatch, we believe escape rooms are an art. That's why our rooms are built by professional artists and scripted by a New York Times bestselling author. Our very first adventure, Lab Rat, is now open for bookings.

This just in:

EscapeRoomTips.com, California's premiere escape room review site, just named Lab Rat the #1 escape room in LA! Huzzah!

"Every part of this escape room is special, with immersive storytelling, impressive engineering, a custom soundtrack, and back-to-back memorable moments. A few of the puzzles were amongst the most creative we’ve seen in any escape room ever. Each puzzle had a memorable finish and many were tied together with the set in delightful and amusing ways. We can’t recommend this room enough, and this gets our vote for the current #1 Escape Room in Los Angeles." - EscapeRoomTips.com

Glorious, delicious, completely unmitigated praise for Lab Rat:

“How grand, genius and silly this escape room was...It felt like very inch of this immersive escape room was used one way or another...it was a 5+/5 room and I have never given a 5+ rating.”
— GTFO.blog
“Lab Rat was room 207 for me, and probably the best I’ve ever played. Certainly the best room in Los Angeles. Beautifully designed, creative puzzles, and even a story that will make you laugh as it carries you through the hour long escape.”
— Elan L, Yelp
“Lab Rat (my 122nd room): The future of escape rooms is happening and the genius minds who have created this work of art have exceeded expectations and challenged limits. I thought I have seen everything, but apparently not.”
— Sheryl B, Yelp
“I’ve done 104 rooms, and man, this is a tough review to write...but...Lab Rat is now the best escape room in LA, and the best escape room I’ve ever done. 10/10, I wish I could erase my memory and go again.”
— Dan W, Yelp
“I don’t know what all those people are talking about. Lab Rat is not an escape room. It’s the place I carry out my research into human intelligence. And I wish people would stop escaping from it.”
— Timothy Ratkenstein, Ph.D. Candidate and Proprietor of Testing Facility