Terry Pettigrew-Rolapp, Managing Director

Terry holds a BFA in theater, an MFA in music composition, and a Masters in secondary education. He is the owner of multiple companies, including Beverly Hills Transfer and Storage and Smartbox Portable Storage and Moving.


Tommy Wallach,                    Story Development

Tommy is the New York Times bestselling author of YA novels We All Looked Up, Thanks for the Trouble, and Strange Fire. He is also a musician and screenwriter.


Nina Spensley                  Production Manager

Nina has worked for more than ten years in independent film production, including as a producer and fundraiser for Sundance. She also has experience in producing VR experiences for XXXXX.


James Kelly                      Technology Design

James is the Technical Director at Oath (Yahoo Media). He has also worked as a music producer and engineer, and as a sound designer and editor at Lucasfilm.


Jason Anklowitz,          Curriculum

Jason has an MA in education, and has worked for more than 15 years in curriculum design. He has also spent more than eight years facilitating professional development for XXXX and XXXX.


Dafna Zilafro                Marketing

Dafna is currently the head of marketing for Matt Construction. She has more than twenty years experience in marketing, branding, and PR.


Chris Garehime                     Finance

Chris has an MS in finance, and has worked in public and private accounting for over ten years. He’s spent the last eight years working for Ernst & Young.